3 Major Benefits Of Almonds For Health

Many benefits are generated from almonds for health. Nutritionists find the fact that the amount of nutrients in almonds is beneficial to health. Many stores scattered around the city are sell nuts for their business. Here are the benefits of almonds for health:

1. Diabetes Controller
Although almonds have a sugar content in it, but this nut is useful for controlling the level of sugar in a person’s body. Controlling sugar levels can prevent diabetics from various complications produced by diabetes. The following facts of almonds can be used as a controller for diabetes:
• Content of almonds in the form of healthy fats, unsaturated fats, fiber and minerals can make the body absorb glucose and process glucose quickly.
• Research conducted by Diabetes Care shows that almonds can control diabetes by type 2, both for men and women. Especially for women who have experienced menopause.
• Consume an ounce of almonds before breakfast and eat large portions of food can maintain healthy levels of sugar in the body.

2. Lowering Bad Cholesterol Levels
Almonds are beneficial for cholesterol sufferers to lower and control LDL cholesterol levels in their body. LDL is very dangerous for health because it can cause various chronic and non chronic diseases. How to reduce it is almonds can increase levels of HDL or good cholesterol in the body. Body with HDL levels are good for health benefits for the development and growth of the nervous system and many others. Here are the facts about almonds that can lower LDL levels in the body:
• Almonds are rich in unsaturated fats, such unsaturated fats are beneficial for lowering LDL and increasing HDL.
• Research conducted by the American Heart Health Association, found the fact that consumption of almonds every day can lower bad cholesterol by 15 percent.
• Cholesterol levels are lowered depending on the amount of almonds that enter the body.
• A total of 7 grams of almonds consumed can lower LDL levels by 1 percent. Multiples of 7 grams can lower LDL levels even more.

3. Improve Brain Performance
The brain is the central nervous system that exists in the human body. If the brain is disturbed, then the underlying nervous system will be disrupted. Almonds are considered the best food supplements for the brain. Here are the benefits of almonds for the brain:
• Vitamin E present in almonds is beneficial for the prevention of cognitive decline in the brain.
• Vitamin E can increase brain memory awareness.
• Vitamin E in almonds can also increase the memory capacity of the brain.
• Almonds are rich in minerals, useful minerals to protect cells and nerves in the brain from damage. Much brain damage is caused by free radicals.