Premature Greying of Hair

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Greying of hair at an early age or premature greying of hair can cause stress in both men and women. It could also lead to extensive hair fall. Instead of going for a proper Hair Treatment people try to colour their hair to treat greying. This does more harm than good and thus causing extra stress. Interestingly, stress is also one of the major causes of premature greying of hair. Greying hair is a natural process which takes several years to complete. It is one of the common signs of aging. However, in many cases, it happens at quite an early age.

The signs and symptoms

The hair starts to show discoloration on some strands and grey star appears near the roots. This may spread very quickly if it is happening at an early age.

Reasons and factors that may cause premature greying of hair

There can be a lot of different reasons and factors which may cause the premature greying of hair. It may be caused by one or more reasons listed below:

Lack of nutrition: It is a well-known fact that youngsters nowadays lack major nutrients in the diet. Packed and junk food does not provide essential nutrients. Fruits, green vegetables, and salads are going missing from our regular diet. Lack of essential minerals like Iron, copper, and zinc in diet can cause premature greying and it spreads quickly. Some vitamin deficiency also adds up to the process.

Heredity: If your family has a history of loss of hair pigment at an early age, there is a great chance that it will happen to you as well.

Mental stress: As mentioned before, stress can cause hormonal imbalance which may trigger health issues. It sometimes stops the body from absorbing necessary nutrients from the diet and cause premature greying.

Major illness: If you are suffering from a major illness or had a major surgery, it may trigger premature greying of hair.

Chemical based products: A lot of people use chemical based hair color which causes loss of hair pigment.

How Richfeel helps in the stopping the problem?

Dealing with PMG depends entirely on the reason of the problem. It needs complete understanding between the doctor and the patient so that the patient can provide complete details about the medical history and other factors of his/her life. After complete examination and evaluation, the doctor will mark out the grey patches on the scalp and other parts of the body which will help in deciding the course of the treatment.

Richfeel’s Hair treatment depends on the genetics, age, and nutrition of the patient. The hair color pigment requires a specific amino acid which helps in the synthesizing the amino acid. Along with that Vitamin B-complex and in some cases iron supplements are also prescribed.

The treatment is for approx one year and it is very important that the patient visits the center for regular checkups. The regular examination is important for successful treatment and in case any modification in the treatment is required, the doctor can alter it in time. The benefits of the treatment are visible even after the treatment is over. The doctor will also prescribe important changes in the diet and daily schedule to maintain the nutrition level and reduce stress.

With proper care and timely treatment, premature greying of hair is completely curable with Richfeel.